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In Today’s Article:

You are about to Learn about a new, scientific breakthrough that is going to Deeply Impact Your Health and Life!

Researchers at the University of Tampa have recently discovered that your body can experience much faster results by using a particular bodyweight technique called Surge Sets.

But before I go any further, allow me to quickly introduce myself:

Hey, I'm Jason Kleina Strength Coach and the Founder of which has mentored over 2,500 people over the past year alone -

I’ve helped people from all walks of life go from feeling helpless and out of shape, to rocking a newfound sense of purpose, both inside and outside….

Keep reading, because this will be the most important thing you read this year if you don’t have time for the gym and are sick of not having a confident and strong body.

But let’s call this what it is without beating around the

Short, intense workouts are a wave of the future… there’s no doubt about it...

I’m sure you’ve seen many examples by now! 

P90X, Insanity, Spin… it’s a long list. 

Despite the hard work and keeping yourself informed…

You’re probably being deceived by advice about HOW to exercise and those radical dieting tricks that leave you more bloated after your done than when you started. 

More importantly, you’ll want to act today if you have fallen for ANY of these exercise myths if you want to burn off your belly fat, look good and feel stronger…

Isolation Exercises

Tricep extensions and calf raises not only fail to burn fat off of your body, they are just simply a waste of your time if you want to burn fat fast and gain full body strength and balance. 


These isolation exercises may strengthen your body over the long-term, but it will take far longer for you to experience actual fat burning results.


It is simply not worth your time to practice isolation exercises if your primary goal is to burn fat off of your body and to gain real strength.


Compound, Multi-Lever Exercises are KING for fat burning!


To Burn Maximum Fat, You Need Compound, Multi-Lever Exercises that Compliment One Another Instead of Hinder Your Ability to Move through Isolation.


Compound, Multi-lever exercises are movements that challenge multiple muscle groups at one time. They also have the ability to induce post exercise oxygen consumption in as little as 2-3 minutes which is associated with burning fat for up to 24-hours.


You can achieve FASTER results by challenging your body with a low-impact, focused movement


There is a better method that you can use to create more focused stimulus and body sculpting effects without creating unneeded pressure on your joints and heart through jump training.


Take my favorite example, the extended inch-worm.


As you can see, the movement here passes through nearly 4 different joint actions. It eliminates nearly all impact and forces the core to contract, which will translate to overall body stimulus and cardio-vascular conditioning.

Jumping Exercises

Jumping exercises are in high popularity in today’s exercise world and for unfortunate reason.


They appear “cool,” and so everyone wants to use jump training in their workouts.


Not only do jumping exercises ruin your joints, it is also suggested that they can cause dangerous pressure on your heart and arteries as well.

Muscle Confusion Exercises

Muscle confusion is the hot, attractive term that has been deceiving and profiteering from you and I for nearly a decade.


Today, though, we’re setting the record straight.


Coaches and Professors from the world’s most prestigious Universities agree that Muscle Confusion is an in-accurate and misleading term that says you need to be constantly changing how you exercise routine in order to “trick” your body into burning more fat and getting stronger.


This theory is simply a false one and as a matter of fact, will cause you to fall into a cycle of frustration. It’s simply not how our bodies are designed.


After 5 years of University based education and professional, hands-on experience, I can tell you first hand, that the secret to getting a great body is nearly the opposite of what this myth suggests.


If you want to sculpt your ultimate body, you need SPECIFIC exercise progression.


Here’s what I mean…


Our bodies are meant to adapt to specific, focused rhythms and stimuli.

If the rhythms and stimuli are constantly changing, your body will have a much harder time adapting and changing.


Same goes for burning belly fat!


And the simple remedy is to do nearly the opposite.


Systematic, yet progressive patterns of contracting your muscles.


Continue reading, because I will break this down even further, below.

That’s why I’m telling you today that it is not your fault that everything you have done up until now has fallen short of the truth.


It’s NOT because…


Of your body type
Your age
Your genetics
Your work ethic
What family you were born into, etc.

It’s because of the gimmick lies and deceptive fads of the fat loss industry that is not based on sound principles and science.

So Instead of staying on the path of MYTHS that nearly everyone is falling for..

You Need a Logical, Fat Burning Solution that:
Simultaneously Causes Your Belly Flab to Shrink and Strengthen Your Body from Home –
This means sustained results in far less time
You’ll never have to leave home
You’ll Burn Far More Fat in a Safe, Effective Way
You Can Complete in 15-Minutes or Less with Just Your Bodyweight and No Equipment -
Traditional, 60-90 minute workouts are a waste of your time and you can achieve better results in far less time
Bodyweight workouts have been shown to create just as much if not more than weight training workouts
Bodyweight training is proven to be the most beneficial method for fat burning
Is Proven to Naturally & Permanently Burn Up to 14-lbs of Pure Fat in as Little as 14-Days –
A system that allows you to see results each and every day
Earn your results and KEEP your results
Finally get and stay motivated because of your success
Leaves You Feeling Energized and Strong – No Matter What Your Fitness Level -
Challenge Yourself in a Way that is Right for YOUR Body
Feel Strengthened after Your Workout 
See the Results in the Mirror!
Causes You to Switch from Burning Sugar to Burning Fat by Using ONE Scientifically Proven Nutrition Trick –
Never worry about WHAT you are eating ever again
Finally understand how “genetically gifted” people are able to burn fat fast! 
Never have to sacrifice your favorite foods for burning fat
 Provides Bodyweight Exercises that Don’t Ruin Your Joints and Heart -
Research shows that bodyweight exercise is so much more effective for your short and long-term health
Your heart will be strengthened with bodyweight exercise
Your joints will be de-loaded and stimulated with bodyweight

A study was done to compare the same person on overall muscle stimulation when they used a bench press or did a push up.


The test subject completed a 1-rep max on the bench press and the stimulus activity was recorded. With this experiment, it showed how much muscle was activated when they lifted the most weight they possibly could...


The same test subject returned the next day and completed one push up while simply shoving his hands in toward his body as hard as possible. The results were again recorded.


The comparisons were very eye opening.


The push up produced an additional 50% overall fat burning tension as the maxed out bench press lift.


This was so intriguing to me that I decided to test it on my own body…

So, I decided to use this exciting research to my advantage and…
                                               I went from this…                           To THIS… 
Using just my bodyweight for exercise!

And I promised to share exactly how I did it with you, so here’s how I did it…

Here is the EXACT 14-Day Plan on How to Create the
“Surge" in Your Metabolism to Start Burning Fat Fast...

Day #1: Surge-Prep

(total time: 15-minutes)

1.    Determine Your Lean Mass and Body Fat

2.    Determine Recommended Daily Intake Based on Step #1 (grams of Carbs, Fats, Protein)

3.    Strategically Manage Macro-nutrients for the following 13-days

Days #2-5: Surge Prime

(total time: 15-minutes)

1.    Complete a 60-second mobility warmup

2.    Complete a 4-minute core surge

3.    Complete a 4-minute strength surge

4.    Complete a 4-minute METCON surge

5.    Complete a 2-minute cool down

Days #6-10: Strength-Surge

(total time: 15-minutes)

1.    Complete 60-second mobility

2.    Complete 4-minute core surge progression

3.    Complete 4-minute strength surge progression

4.    Complete 4-minute METCON surge progression

5.    Complete 2-minute cool down

Days #11-14: Power-Surge

(total time: 15-minutes)

1.    Complete 60-second mobility

2.    Complete 4-minute core power surge

3.    Complete 4-minute strength power surge

4.    Complete 4-minute METCON power surge

5.    Complete 2-minute cool down

The last thing I’m going to do is hold the exact day-by-day program from you, today. Just by reading this far it is obvious that you are serious about taking back your health.

Bodyweight Surge is not for everyone!

Here’s the bad news…


As much as I want to say that anyone can pick up Bodyweight Surge and go out there and crush it… I’d be lying.


The truth is, Bodyweight Surge is not for folks who just jump from program to program without any consistency. It’s not for folks who give up easily in life. And lastly, it’s not a good fit for you if you believe that you have to take magic potions and pills to get results.


On the other hand – Bodyweight Surge is a great fit for folks who know the fruits of hard work and sacrifice. Because that’s what life is all about – working hard so we can enjoy the fruits of life… don’t you agree?


If you resonated with me there, then it is with great pride and honor for me to introduce…

The First and Only Bodyweight System Guaranteed to Shrink Your Belly Flab and Strengthen Your Entire Body from Home in 14-Days or Less (without dieting)
(Normally $27.00)
What You’ll Be Getting Inside of Bodyweight Surge:
My Exact 14-day Plan How to Create Your Metabolism and Burn up to 14-lbs of Pure Fat 
Detailed Workout Descriptions with Accompanying Video Demonstrations
 Description of the Surge Methodology and Why it Works
How You Can Utilize this Progressive System for Long-Term Results
Plenty of Modifications and Progressions to make the System Applicable to Your Body-Type and Fitness Level
My no B.S. approach to Bodyweight Training

I’m sure that after reading my story above you agree that $27.00 is an absolute steal!

But I’m in this industry to help 5-Million people as I can find their purpose through body transformation and strength by 2025. 


Now, although my private clients pay me an average of $97.00 per month for coaching…

 I’m not asking for even a fraction of that!


You see, it’s important that people know that helping people progress forward is my primary incentive.

I want you to be the next big transformation success!


Because you spent your valuable time I’m going to give you a very heavy discount today which I’m sure you’ll agree is a truly unbeatable deal!

But before I do that, I want to throw in three high value bonuses that are normally over $90.

They are going to change your life, just like they have for over 2,500 of my friends and clients that I have worked with.


Today, you are getting them for FREE just for taking action and investing in your health…

I’ll teach you how to identify and pinpoint your ideal macro-nutrient breakdown
Learn what foods I eat for the fastest results
You’ll know when and why I eat at certain times
Talk about taking out the guess work!

Know exactly how I take my clients through Bodyweight Surge
Remove the guess work by following exactly what I do for maximum results
Blank workout log included so you have the freedom to shape the program to your profile

After $117 in total value, I’m sure that you may be assuming that this is going to be a high priced investment for your health and fat loss…

And although you’d be right, I’m going to get vulnerable here for just a second.

You see – the real reason why I put such a high price tag on health and well-being is because of this little girl with me.


I want my daughter to benefit from the good example of people like you and I, who strive to be a healthy example for their kids and the generation to come after us.

You see, I want to make this opportunity available and affordable for as many people as I can...

For that reason, I’m Celebrating Summer 2016 by sharing with you my Limited Time Coupon -

When you order today, you get instant access to the entire Bodyweight Surge program and a special 14 day FREE access to the Strength Academy membership site. After the 14 day trial period, membership is only $47/month. You may cancel easily at any time. No questions asked.


If you take action today and invest in Bodyweight Surge, you're protected by my personal, 60-day no questions asked, Iron Clad Money back Guarantee. 

If you decide that for any reason what so ever, Bodyweight Surge is NOT what you expected... I'll issue a quick refund for every single penny that you invested today.

Now, I’ve shared with you my story of how Bodyweight Surge came to be.


If you are on the fence about Bodyweight Surge, I want to remind you that you have one of two choices to make…

Body A or Body B..

If you choose Body A you’ll stay the way you are. If that is okay with you, then by all means you should leave this opportunity for the next person. 


OR you could choose Body B...


And join hundreds of others that came before you on a proven path to fat burning and body transformation success. 


Coming from someone that has gone from low self-confidence to feeling strong and confident...


I give you permission to invest in yourself today. Because I know that when you do this, you will be a better person for the people who matter most to you.


Just think for a second, “am I really the best I can be for those that I love?”


If you are, great! But if you feel that you can do better, take action now and we will progress together.

Dedicated to Your Success
Jason Klein, Master’s of Science, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
Author, Bodyweight Surge

PS. Remember, you don't even have to decide today if Bodyweight Surge is the answer for you... as my unconditional money-back guarantee states, you have 60-full days to decide whether the program is right for you. 

PPS. Don't let this opportunity go to waste. Success favors those who take action on what they desire in life and I know that just because you read made it this far on the page, that you are one of the action takers.


When you order today, you get instant access to the entire Bodyweight Surge program and a special 14 day FREE access to the Strength Academy membership site. After the 14 day trial period, membership is only $47/month. You may cancel easily at any time. No questions asked.


Absolutely. I designed this program for all fitness levels in mind and provide plenty of modifications.

Look, although my testimonials above speak for the program itself, I don’t expect that to be enough. For that reason alone, I am offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee so if the program is not what you thought it would be, simply email me and I will refund every last penny to you.

Yes, if you change your mind about the program, simply email me and I’ll send you a prompt and full refund, no questions asked!


When you order today, you get instant access to the entire Bodyweight Surge program and a special 14 day FREE access to the Strength Academy membership site. After the 14 day trial period, membership is only $47/month. You may cancel easily at any time. No questions asked.

Politically incorrect disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that I identify what a typical result is. The truth: most people are lazy and do nothing with the products they buy. So most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is you. There is no such thing as a miracle pill or silver bullet. You’re the only one that can make this happen. So step up and make your dream a reality!

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